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We, Karakoro members, have been traveling various countries. Canada is one of them. Our traveling began with our first visit to Auschwitz in Poland. As is generally known, Auschwitz is the place where Hitler slaughtered Jewish people. When that holocaust was taking place, Japan was involved in the World War Ⅱ.
Speaking more precisely, Japan was invading Asian countries, forming an alliance with Germany. The hostile power, the United States, fought a land battle on Okinawan islands, and dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. That ended the World War Ⅱ, but in Okinawa, a lot of people (one in every four), who ranged from children to the aged, were killed, and its cultures were destroyed.
Okinawan islands are the southern part of Japan. At present Japan still maintains its stability at the sacrifice of Okinawa; the 10-percent land of Okinawa is occupied as the U.S. military bases.
The location of Okinawa is considered to be suitable for fighter planes flying to the world. We see a lot of fighter planes leave the bases in Okinawa almost every day.

We should know and would like all people in the world to know those facts.
That is why we have shown our performances in various places, desiring to preserve Okinawan cultures.
We wish for peace.
May we wish the world love and peace.

Yoko Matsui (Leader of Karakoro/Director)

PITMAN HALL Residence, Toronto

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  • Please contribute something to cover part of the expenses for carrying the performance stuffs from Japan. It costs a lot to airlift Dragon, Lion, some musical instruments, and so on. The smallest contribution gratefully received.

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